Somelite® (BL/SL)

Coral Granule Water Treatment Agents

Somelite® (BL/SL) – Product Overview

The natural coral grains used in this product are harvested from the beautiful ocean off semi-tropical Okinawa.
Also known as coral sand, this product is composed primarily of the shells and skeletons of reef-building coral and Foraminifera, such as star sand, that inhabit the area.
To form their shells and skeletons, these organisms ingest minerals – mainly calcium and magnesium – from the ocean.
As a result, coral sand is constituted mainly (approx. 95%) of calcium carbonate.
However, it also contains abundant amounts of many minerals – calcium, magnesium, etc. – that people need from their daily meals in order to be healthy.

okinawa sango

When coral sand is used as a water-purifying agent, its minerals flow into the water, creating mineral water with a balance of minerals.
At the same time, it turns acidic tap water slightly alkaline and removes the bleachy odor.
As coral sand is a porous substance with innumerable minute holes of 10 µm or less, it also traps and removes foreign matter.

Somelite BL

Somelite BL

Somelite SL

Somelite SL
(Silver coated coral sand)


Analysis Specification
Aspect Grey-White or yellowish-brown grains with no foreign substance
Grain Size 10/60 mesh pass 90% or more
Loss of Drying 3% or less


Analysis Specification
Aspect Dark-brown/charcoal grains with no foreign substance
Grain Size 10/60 mesh pass 90% or more
Silver 0.1 % or more
Loss of Drying 3% or less


  • As a water-purifying agent for drinking water.


  • 20kg (Kraft 3-tiers bag)

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