Coral Water

Portable Mineral Water Sachets manufactured from our Somelite®

Coral Water – Product Overview
Coral Water

The natural coral grains used in this product are harvested from the beautiful ocean off semi-tropical Okinawa.
When coral sand is used as a water-purifying agent, its minerals flow into the water, creating a mineral water with a balance of minerals. At the same time, it turns acidic water slightly alkaline and removes the bleachy odor of tap water.

Coral Water
  • 1.Minerals contained in natural coral – calcium, magnesium and others, diffuse into water, turning it into mineral drinking water.
  • 2.Removes residual chlorine and other impurities from water.
  • 3.Adjusts water pH, turning it slightly alkaline.
  • 4.Prevents water from becoming septic (Somelite® SL).


  • Put a bag in to a container filled with 1-2 liters of water, stir well, let sit to create mineral water.
    Replace the bag after each use.


  • This can be used for drinking water, tea, coffee, mixed drinks, cuisine and for cooking rice.
  • Please chill drinking water and store in a refrigerator.
  • A small amount of coral grain powder may surface, but it is harmless.
  • Please use soon after opening package.
  • Please do not boil.
  • Please do not use aluminum containers.
  • Please do not use any water other than regular tap water or bottled water.


  • 6Bags (1gx6)


  • Coral Grains 99.5%
  • L-ascorbic acid 0.5%

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