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Since 1963, our mission has been to create products that benefit the people of the world. It’s a broad mission, but the one we believe in. And with Okinawa coral calcium products, we’re helping people improve their health and their quality of life.

Our founder, Nobuo Someya, started the company in Tokyo in 1963 as Someya Co. Visiting Okinawa, he noticed that the water was exceptionally clear and clean. After conducting some research, he discovered that coral naturally purified the water, and that the remains of reef building coral could be used as a water filtration agent. He and his team developed Somelite TM, coral grains filtered from the ocean floor, as an element for water purifiers. That was just the beginning. Over the next three decades, more research and improvements in processing methods yielded other coral products, including powdered coral calcium food additives. In 1993, the company was renamed Marine Bio, and was invited by the Okinawa Prefectural Government to open facilities in Okinawa City. Today, with office in Tokyo and facilities in Nagano and Okinawa, Marine Bio was the first to discover the benefits of coral calcium. We currently hold patents worldwide, and we’re proud to bring you 100% Okinawa Coral Calcium.

November 2022
Marine Bio Co., Ltd. CEO

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