Sango Mineral Powder (SMP)

Natural Coral Mineral Powder

Sango Mineral Powder (SMP) – Product Overview
Sango Mineral Powder

The natural coral grain used in this product is harvested from the beautiful ocean off semi-tropical Okinawa.

Sango Mineral Powder is a multi-mineral food supplement containing naturally balanced essential minerals in ideal balance of calcium/magnesium at 2:1 as well as other trace minerals.

Sango Mineral Powder is a natural coral mineral powder can be used to nutritionally fortify various processed foods with natural minerals to improve food quality.

  • 1.Calcium and Magnesium are contained in an ideal balance of 2:1.
  • 2.A tasteless, odorless, white micro-powder.
  • 3.A natural product derived from natural coral.

Sango Mineral Powder (SMP) SPECIFICATIONS

Analysis Specification
Color White or Grey-white
Calcium 20% or more
Magnesium 10% or more
Arsenic (as As) 2 ppm or less
Lead 0.5 ppm or less
Mercury 0.1 ppm or less
Cadmium 1 ppm or less
Loss of Drying 1% or less
Microbiological Test Specification
General bacteria count 3×10³/g or less
Yeast & Mold 1×10²/g or less
Colibacillus Negative
Salmonella Negative


  • To nutritionally fortify various types of processed foods with natural minerals such as calcium and magnesium. To improve the quality of processed foods.


  • 20kg (Kraft 3-tiers bag)


Available particle sizes :

  • SMP-44 : 44μ 90% pass (wt.%)
  • SMP-08 : 8μ 90% pass (wt.%)

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