Coral Calcium Powder (CCP)

Calcium of Natural Coral Powder

Coral Calcium Powder (CCP) – Product Overview
Coral Calcium Powder

The natural coral grains used in this product are harvested from the beautiful ocean off semi-tropical Okinawa. Also known as coral sand, this powder is composed primarily of the shells and skeletons of reef-building coral and the Foraminifera, such as star sand, that inhabit the area.

To form their shells and skeletons, these organisms ingest minerals – mainly calcium and magnesium – from the ocean. As a result, coral sand is constituted mainly (approx. 95%) of calcium carbonate. It also contains abundant amounts of many minerals – calcium, magnesium, etc. – that people need to obtain from their daily meals in order to be healthy. Thus, Marine Bio’s Coral Calcium Powder is a food product that contains, in their natural balance, calcium and other minerals that are indispensable for maintaining and promoting health. We proudly offer it for use in the development of various food products.

  • 1.This product is a tasteless, odorless, yellowish-brown powder (44 µm,8 µm).
  • 2.A natural product derived from natural coral.
  • 3.A calcium and multi-mineral food product that contains an abundance of calcium (approximately 34%) and magnesium (approximately 1.5%) as well as other essential minerals.

Coral Calcium Powder (CCP) SPECIFICATIONS

Analysis Specification
Color Grey-white or yellowish-brown
Calcium 34% or more
Magnesium 1.5% or more
Arsenic (as As) 3 ppm or less
Lead 3 ppm or less
Mercury 0.1 ppm or less
Cadmium 1 ppm or less
Pesticide residue *1 Undetectable
PCB Undetectable
Loss of Drying 1% or less
  • *1 Endrin, Dildrin, Aldorin, BHC, DDT
Microbiological Test Specification
General bacteria count 3×10³/g or less
Yeast & Mold 1×10²/g or less
Colibacillus Negative
Salmonella Negative
Enteritis vibrio Negative


  • To nutritionally fortify various types of processed foods with calcium, magnesium and other minerals.
  • As a nutritional supplement featuring calcium and other minerals derived from nature.


  • 20kg (Kraft 3-tiers bag)


Available particle sizes :

  • CCP-44 : 44μ 90% pass (wt.%)
  • CCP-08 : 8μ 90% pass (wt.%)

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